Monday, March 29, 2010

And So It Begins

Today is Day 1 of our Biggest Loser Challenge. On the line is dinner and drinks at Hooters of Brookfield. I went there the other week with some buddies from college. There is lots of talent from what I saw. The way it's going to work is that body fat lost is going to be points for and muscle lost is going to be points against. So if I were to lose 3 pounds of fat and 1 pound of muscle I would net 2 points.

I am going to structure my training differently than what I have been doing lately. I am going to focus on the four main lifts: bench, deadlift, standing press, and squat. I am going to train three times per week with this four lift rotation. My first two weeks will go like this. Tuesday=SP, Thursday=Squat, Saturday=Bench, Tuesday=Deadlift, Thursday=SP, Saturday=Squat, and so on. At the end I am going to add a simple four minute Tabata finisher. This protocol is twenty seconds of all out work with ten seconds rest. This is done for eight rounds totaling four minutes.

The non weight training days will focus more on cardiovascular work. Since I'm not too keen on spending hours on a treadmill or a bike I am going to be doing more interval type training like pushing the prowler, sprinting hills, barbell complexes, sled drags, pounding/flipping the tire, etc. The intensity, duration, and what I do will vary based on how I'm feeling, and what I've got coming up the next day.

My diet is going to be relatively low in carbs. I'll get about 30 grams on my non weight training days and about 150 grams on my weight training days. Based on how I know my body reacts to carbs I think this plan will be good for me to keep my energy up, aid in recovery, drop fat, and at least maintain the muscle I do have.

Nic and I did our body fat tests today. I came out at 16.5%. I weighed in at 216.1 lbs which gives me 180.5 lbs of lean body mass and 35.6 lbs of fat mass. In the next eight weeks I'll be looking to shed about 15 or so pounds of fat and maintaining all my muscle. Here's some pics to get you through the rest of today.

Today's training was pretty light. I'm still sore from Saturday so I did a bunch of rolling out, mobility stuff, and some conditioning.

3 Hi, 3 Lo
20 yards

Tempo Sprints:
30 yards

Song of the Day:

“The abdomen is the reason why man does not easily take himself for a god.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. How do you take in only 30g carbs without drastically changing your diet? Or are you?

  2. I don't eat that many carbs to begin with. Mostly from veggies, nuts, and the occasional rice or oats.

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