Sunday, October 3, 2010

1 Part Vodka + 1 Part Night Train + 1 Part Grape Drink = Riot Punch

Homecoming weekend 2010.  Eric, Lance, and I got to Carroll at about noon on Saturday and wasted no time setting up shop.  We had two bottles of vodka, two bottles of Night Train wine, and two gallons of Grape Drink.  I started with a vodka grape drink, which is just grape flavored sugar water, or a poor man's Kool-Aid.  It didn't take too long for us to come up with the eventual riot punch concoction.  Needless to say we were fucked up in no time.  Shit, I didn't even make an attempt to go into the game.  To give you an example of how messed up we were towards the end of the night Eric just shut down trying to climb a fence.  After he got to the other side he tried to climb a small hill.  Al describes it like a child first learning to walk.  He fell yelling, "Oops!  Hit a slick spot!"  To get to his feet he basically walked his hands to his feet and pushed his ass in the air.  There was also some karaoke I kind of remember.  And some other stuff. 

It was a great day, I got to see some people I don't see too often, I drank a shitload of booze and I'm in one piece.  That's about all I could ask for.  Upcoming is going to be an article on Night Train.  Better stay off the tracks.

Song of the Day:

"Wine is a turncoat; first a friend and then an enemy." -Henry Felding

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