Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's the Count Boys?

What an awesome weekend.  I don't think it could have gone much better.  Riot Fest 2010 rocked.  Thursday Lance, Eric, Dave, and I went to Red Oktoberfest at the Metro.  All the bands that played were kick ass and played great sets.  Brendan Kelly, the bassist and vocalist of the Lawrence Arms, started with a solo acoustic set.  Vultures United, The Brokedowns, The Copyrights, The Cobra Skulls followed with Propagandhi headlining.  All of these bands kick ass and I would highly recommend them.  Previously to this weekend I was never really into metal or hardcore but Propagandhi has changed that forever.

Friday we went to the show at the Congress theater.  The venue was really cool.  Spacious, lots of bars, and a trough for a urinal.  The acoustics however suck.  Despite that it was still a kick ass show.  The highlight of the night was by far The Lawrence Arms set.  They are definitely one of the top five bands in punk right now.  Most of their songs are about living life, taking shit as it comes, and getting messed up with your friends.  Very fitting for this weekend.

Saturday was Lance's birthday party.  Got to see his parents, Doug and Bonnie, and I drank a butt load of Russian Death Train AKA Riot Punch AKA Black Out Juice AKA Dat Purple Stuff Dat Mess You Up.  A lot of people ended up not being able to make it, which is regrettable, but the show went on nicely without them.  My favorite part of the night was when Lance was opening his presents from his parents.  Mrs. Barilow was watching and being active in it while Mr. Barilow was in the kitchen preparing the snacks and then eating the snacks.  Awesome. 

This weekend was probably the most fun punk rock weekend I've ever had.  I was not however the most punk punk rock weekend.  That would be the time Lance, Eric, and I went to a Loved Ones show, walked to Dairy Queen, ate Blizzards, and then went swimming at Lance's house because it was a million degrees that day.  So punk.

I managed to make it to the gym today and actually had a really good session.  My focus and intensity were on point.  I think it was because it was just me and there were no distractions.  Anyways here's what I did.

Power Clean and Jerk: 2x3 @ 200

Log Press: worked up to 170x6

Single Arm Row: 120x15

Shrugs: 3x15
TRX Inverted Rows: 3x15

Bam.  Awesome weekend comes to a close.

Song of the Day:

"When you pack on mass you sacrifice flexibility, Charlie.  That's a fact." -Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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