Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday- Bench-ish

Decided to go back to training four days per week. Once the diet is over I'm going to be trying to slowly build up to about 230 lbs. This is being done with my power lifting goals in mind. I feel I will be much stronger at this weight. When it comes time to compete I'll take advantage of the 24 hour weigh in rules, dehydrate down to 220, then come back up in time for the meet and lift at a body weight of 230. This is done a lot in power lifting and strongman. Is it fair? If everyone does it I guess so. Am I "technically" lifting in the 220 weight class if I actually weigh 230? No, but if someone actually cares that much to raise a stink about it they are probably not all that strong to begin with. But I digress. I'll be outlining my diet to gain weight later this week.

Bench: 245x6+2+2+2

Inverted Row: 50x6+2+2+2

Dips: 50x6+2+2+2

Zottman Curls: 45x6+2+2+2

Sledgehammer: 10x10 on each side (various hits)

Here is how I'm going to out line my training schedule.

Monday: Horizontal Press, Horizontal Pull, Pipes, Conditioning (optional)
Tuesday: Squat, Quad Exercise, Cows, Abs, Conditioning (optional)
Wednesday: Off or light cardio
Thursday: Vertical Press, Vertical Pull, Pipes, Conditioning (optional)
Friday: Off or light cardio
Saturday: Deadlift, Quad Exercise, Cows, Abs, Conditioning (optional)
Sunday: Off

This set up will let me train each body part twice per week while also keeping my total volume in check. Right now my recovery is in the toilet being in a caloric deficit. If it comes back and I feel that I can handle some extra volume I'll add some exercises. But this is what I'm starting with.

Jake stopped by today and asked if I had my meals planned out for after the diet. I admitted I've been giving it a lot of thought. Friday night is Hooter's night. I'll probably stop at Pick N' Save on my way home and pick up some goodies. Saturday morning I'm thinking about making huge-ass skillet breakfast. Eggs, sausage, bacon, salsa, onions, green peppers, and whatever else I might fancy all cooked together. Probably wash it down with some chocolate milk and a few doughnuts. After that I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions. I've already thought about pizza, burritos, buffets, and the like. I want some outside-the-box ideas. I'm only giving myself Friday night and Saturday to binge so I'm going to make the most of it.

Song of the Day:

"Gluttony is not a secret vice." -Orson Welles

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