Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Squat: 135x5, 225x4, 315x3, 355x2, 395x1/2/3/1/2/3/1/2/3

Front Squat: 135x10, 185x8, 205x8, 225x8

Front Elevated Split Squat: 2x10 per leg

Squatted superultramega raw tonight.  I forgot my belt at NX Level so I had to do without.  I surprised myself a little bit.  Only the last triple was above a 7 on my rate of perceived exertion scale, AKA, RPE.  Front squats actually felt pretty good considering I haven't done them in a coon's age.  I can definitely feel that my abdomen got some work without the belt.  This is good though.  Gives me confidence moving forward.  I'll be battling 400+ next week.  It'll be the first time touching more than four bills in a few months.  No choice but to get it on.  Raw is War.

I also had a little motivation from my training partner tonight.

Not at the table, Saxon.
Song of the Day:

"Problems are the price of progress.  Don't bring me anything but trouble.  Good news weakens me." -Charles F. Kettering

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