Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making Like A Tomato...And Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  I'm deloading this week so my training isn't really anything to write home about...or blog about.  I'll just give you the meatballs of what I've done this week.

Monday: Bench- 2x15 @ 135

Tuesday: Squat- 3x5 @ 315
RDL- 3x10 @ 220

Thursday: Standing Press- 3x5 @ 115

In with all this I've done some pretty gnarly conditioning.  I'm actually surprising myself in that I havn't skipped any days.  It helps that the interns are eager to do it with.  Can't let the youngin's show me up.

Saturday Nic is getting married and it is going to be a great time.  It's going to be a big wedding and a ton of fun.  I'll update with a better post on Sunday.

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