Thursday, July 18, 2013

Captain's Log: Weighted Fist Pump Variations and a PR 7.18.13

Pretty darn good session tonight.  I wouldn't put it in the +10% category, more like and upper 80%er.  I was happy with the 90kg hang snatch for sure.  I think it's a PR since I haven't done much snatching from the hang in the past.  Either way I gave myself a 50/50 shot to make it and I came out on the good 50 side.


Overhead Press AKA Weighted Double Arm Fist Pumps felt really good as well.  Normally I throw my belt on as the weights get up there but today I decided against it.  Actually I was just lazy.  You might be thinking that a belt wouldn't make that much difference but trust me, it does.

Single arm fist pumps and chins gave me a nice little pump.  I am so ready for the club.

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