Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Captain's Log: Last Two W/ a PR 7.17.13

Tuesday was a solid 80% day.  Nothing special.  Didn't surprise myself at all.

Today was a bit different.  The 425x10 is a PR.  Most I've ever done for 10 before was 405.  This is mostly because I don't do a lot of high rep dead lifting but this set felt great.  I haven't felt that locked in mentally to a dead lift set in a while.  Each set was fast from the floor and my form only broke a little bit towards the end.  I was probably good for 12 or so but decided to shut it down.  Next week I'll give 455 a ride.  Getting to the point of being able to do 500 x 10 would be pretty bad ass.  But that's a ways away.

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