Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday- Squat

Power Clean: 3x3 @ 225

Squat: 330x3; 380x3; 430x3

Good Morning: 3x10 @ 155

Glute Ham Hypers: 3x10
Ab Wheel Rollouts: 3x10

Squats felt good up until the last set.  Number three came up slow so I shut it down.  I also got a "little loose in the bottom end" if you catch my drift.  Heavy squats have a way of doing that to you.  Instead of feeling bad about myself I finished like a champ.  I'm pretty sure I hear the tornado sirens going right now so I may make my way to the basement.  I also may not.  I didn't get to where I am today by hiding in a door frame every time the winds of life started a-blowin'.

Song of the Day:

"When you are born, you are set forth to die.  The fact that you live or don't live between these dates depends solely upon you own will, opportunities, and desires.  The weight exerciser, of course, indicates that he chooses to live." -Joseph Curtis Hise

I got this quote from a blog I stumbled across that reprints old-time lifting articles.  I'm talking from the 30's old.  I haven't looked at it to much, but I fully intend to.

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