Saturday, September 17, 2011


225x8x8 w/ :30s rest

Chain Bench:

Single Arm Row:

Decent session today. I think I've figured out why my right side is so tight and gives me so much pain. I have a feeling that my glute medius (smaller glute muscle to the top and outside of your buttcheek) on my right is weak and relatively inactive. When I walk and palpate at the same time my left side is much more developed than the right. So today and the last week I've been focusing on using it more. Today on the squats I really focused on pushing through my left heel to squeeze my glute medius. I'm hoping as this muscle develops more the pain and tightness on my right side will go away. Only time will tell.

Song of the Day: Smoke or Fire- Goodbye to Boston

"Human behavior flows from three sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge." -Plato

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