Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Update: 2 for 1 Special

Squat: 435x5, 315x16
Bench Press: 245x5 singles

Front Squat: up to 365x1
Dead Lift: 528x1, 572x0
RDL: 375x5,5; 265x15

Pretty damn good week of training this week.  I finally got 435 for five.  Next time I do rep work I’ll use 445 and stay with it until I can do five.  I’m kind of doing the same thing with the 315 except I want to hit 20.  Then I’ll move up to something in the 345-365 range.

I went a little off the res on Friday.  I’ve been kind of just plodding along and letting my numbers increase organically instead of forcing them to go.  Not Friday.  I actually missed my first attempt at 365 on Front Squat.  I had the bar a little too high on my neck which must have been pinching my jugular.  Unracking the bar I felt fine but once I sat down with it I started to see black.  In that situation there is no being a hero.  I threw the bar forward onto the safety pins and fell backwards a little.  With a little prodding from Jake I got back on my horse and made that shit happen.

Dead lifting felt great up to 528.  By then I was starting to putter out strength wise.  I was debating between going to 550 or 572.  I threw caution to the wind and the wind threw it right back at me.  I got the bar off the ground but lost my posture bad and just let the bar go.  Even today (Sunday) my glutes are all locked up from it.  Live and learn.

I was a mixed sack of emotions last week, which was my last, at NX Level.  I was excited about what lies ahead; nostalgic about all my great NX Level memories, and genuinely sad about leaving the people that I’ve built friendships with over the past six year.  I had a number of clients express how much of a positive impact I had on their lives and how I inspired them to be better than they were.  This is the highest compliment anyone could have paid me.  What they may not know is that I found my passion through them.  Seeing the look in someone’s eyes after I help them feel or move better is like a drug to me.  Thank you to all who made my time at NX Level some of the best years of my life.

Squat: 405 x 5 singles
Bench: 245 x 10 total reps

Clean and Press: 176x1; 154x2x2
Single Arm Row: 100x8x4
Single Arm DB Press: 40x10x4

Snatch: 176x1; 154x3 singles
BTN Push Press: 176x5x5
Trap Bar Dead Lift: 375x5x5

It’s done.  It’s finally done.  Well, not totally done, but it’s a gym.  The flooring is all put in.  All that really needs to be done is for it to be insulated and then it’ll be a year round operation.  Huge props to Amy’s dad, Don, for helping me.  He’s a bricklayer by trade so he was the brains and much of the brawn behind the operation.  I just did what I was told.  He told me what to buy, where to cut, and how to do a lot of stuff I’ve never done.  And we did it and I’m super proud of it.  Amy also had a sign commissioned for me.  I’d say I’ve got it just about made in the shade.  All it needs now is for some action takers to start pouring out their sweat to get better than they were yesterday.  That, and a few other pieces of equipment.  All in due time.

The Hometown He-Man Crushtorium.

The cardio equipment.
With a fully functioning gym only a few steps away I’m going to be experimenting a lot with my volume.  It’s not going to be much of a problem to do more sessions per week and even multiple sessions per day.  I’m going to think about what exactly it is I want to accomplish and develop a plan from there.

The Olympics are in full swing and I’m pretty excited.  In other words I’ve got Olympic Fever!  I love watching weightlifting and wrestling for obvious reasons.  I wrestled in high school and have always enjoyed performing the Olympic lifts, the Snatch and the clean and jerk.  Other sports I’m keeping an eye on are swimming and triathlon.  I trained a few swimmers who competed in the trials and also trained a woman competing in the triathlon but I'll watch just about anything that's on.  I wish good luck and great skill to all those competing but I gotta throw out a USA!  USA!  USA!

I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks.  I’ll be back soon with some content instead of these boring ol’ weekend updates.  Thanks for staying tuned in.

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